Chariton, Schwager & Malak

Chariton, Schwager & Malak is a boutique law firm serving businesses and high wealth individuals in Northeast Pennsylvania. We offer clients our experience, our resourcefulness and our respect.

Business Law

Chariton, Schwager & Malak represents their clients in a wide variety of public and private legal issues that govern business for:

    Business Law Areas of Specialty
  • Corporations
  • Parterships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Associations
  • Non-profit Organizations and their Boards

    • Our attorneys provide counsel on issues including:

  • Entity Formation
  • Bank and Bond Financing Transactions
  • Secured Transactions
  • Leasing Issues
  • Employment Contracts
  • Non Compete Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Tax Matters
  • Oil and Gas Energy Law

    Chariton, Schwager & Malak represents their clients in a wide variety of public and private legal issues that govern the oil and gas industries.

      Oil and Gas Energy Law Areas of Specialty
  • Disputes and Litigation
  • Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Land Use
  • Surface, Easement, Mineral Rights and Land Owner Issues
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Law

    Chariton, Schwager & Malak offers professional services with regard to the purchase and/or sale of:

    • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Property
    • Financing of Commercial and Residential Real Estate Property
    • Commercial Leasing
    • Tax Assessment Disputes
    • Title Insurance

    Estate Planning/Administration

    Chariton, Schwager & Malak offers a wide range of estate planning services, including:

    • Wills
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Trust Agreements
    • Entity Selection for Business/Property Ownership and Transfer

    Chariton, Schwager & Malak also provides estate administration services, including:

    • Probate Form Preparation
    • Federal and State Inheritance and Estate Tax Returns
    • Fiduciary Income Tax Returns

    Chariton, Schwager & Malak frequently represents clients in complex estate and trust litigation, including:

    • Will Contests
    • Trust Litigation
    • Fiduciary surcharge action
    • Power of Attorney Disputes

    Creditors' Rights

    Chariton, Schwager & Malak represents secured and unsecured creditors such as:

    • Financial Institutions and Lenders
    • Mortgage Loan Servicers
    • Publicly Traded and Closely Held Companies
    • Municipalities
    • Claim Enforcement Individuals for Payment/Recovery of Real Estate and other Collateral

    We counsel clients concerning:

    • Loan Workouts and Restructuring
    • Litigation in State and Federal Courts
    • Contested Matters in Bankruptcy or Reorganization

    Where possible, Chariton, Schwager & Malak uses its experience and computer-based systems of forms and procedures designed to expedite processes and reduce client costs to file suit, obtain judgment and bring matters to successful conclusion. When a client is faced with another party's bankruptcy affecting its rights, Chariton, Schwager & Malak is available to advise and assist.

    Civil Litigation

    Chariton, Schwager & Malak represents individuals, corporations and businesses in bringing, defending and pursuing lawsuits. These include:

    • Lawsuits Regarding Contractual Matters
    • Estate Related Issues
    • Enforcement of Creditors' Rights
    • Commercial Disputes

    Chariton, Schwager & Malak aggressively represents clients in the court room and works with clients every step of the way in what, on occasion, can be a long and complicated process.

    About Us

    At Chariton, Schwager & Malak, we believe that trust and mutual respect are key components in an attorney/client relationship. We endeavor to build trust and mutual respect into all of our client services. The attorneys and staff of Chariton & Schwager strive to meet client needs in the most effective manner possible while also fostering a finely tuned working relationship.

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    Chariton, Schwager & Malak represents high wealth individuals by assisting in their trust and estate planning and administration. We provide legal assistance and counsel in a number of areas affecting their tax, real estate, business, personal and financial interests. We also advise large and small businesses and individual entrepreneurs in a wide range of business transactions including business formations, mergers, acquisitions, sales, loans and bond financings, creditors' rights issues, antitrust litigation, labor and employment law and other general commercial matters.

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